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What's New with Luke?


Sept. 2000 - Luke is adjusting really well to his new life and family. He is learning English really fast and can count to 10 and sing some songs. His favorite song is Jesus Loves Me and he can do the sign language with it too.

Luke on Bike

Luke loves to play outside! Boy is he going to be in for a big surprise when he finds out it rains in Seattle 9 months out of the year!

Luke and Chloe

Nov. 2000 - Luke and Chloe are so sweet together. They have such a special bond. They are both speaking English really well. They even speak to each other in English! We are blessed!


Halloween 2000 - Barney and Baby Bop ready for Trick-or-Treating! I asked Luke before we went out, when someone gave him candy what was he suppose to say...I was looking for "Thank you"...he said "More Please"!!!

Luke and Chloe Chirstmas Eve

Christmas 2000 - Luke and Chloe on Chistmas Eve. Chloe and her Mommy spent the night at Luke's house so that we could all wake up together and see what Santa brought!! It was great fun!


February 27, 2001 - Luke and Chloe became American Citizens today! We had a party with Hot Dogs and Apple Pie...with our 2 little Yankee Doodle Dandies as the Guests of Honor!

Travis and Luke at Safco Field

May 2001: Luke and Travis at a Mariner Game.


May 2001 - This is Luke near his 5th birthday. They were taking these pictures a ToysRUs one day...I love this pose!

luke 2001

Luke has really grown and matured in the last few months. This picture was taken in November 2001.

Luke and Chloe at the fair 2002

We went to the Western Washington State Fair in Sept. 2002.  Luke and Chloe had a great time.  As you can see they are both missing teeth...and just as cute as ever!

Luke Halloween 2002

Halloween 2002 - Luke was Mike from Monsters, Inc.!  He was so cute and the hit of the neighborhood! 

Luke on Christmas Eve

Dapper Luke! His first Christmas at home with his new family! He is such a happy boy!


Luke is such a precious little boy! We feel so blessed to be his parents! We thank our Lord daily for leading us half way around the world to him! We will be forever grateful to Him!


April 2001: Luke on his first Easter Morning...all ready for Church. We had a big family dinner and a huge Easter Egg hunt later in the afternoon! He had a blast!

luke's birthday party

May 2001: Luke's First Birthday Party! He asked for a "Monster Truck"...he got 4!! It was a very fun day!

Luke and Chloe 1 yr later

July 2001 -
This is Luke and Chloe on the 1st anniversary of their homecoming! They are both doing incredible! Luke has grown 8 inches this year!

lounging luke

This is our "Cool Dude" Luke. He is 5.5 years old here and has been home for 16 months.

Luke at his soccer game

Luke LOVES soccer!  His teams name is the Cougars and his dad is the teams coach. 

Not Flesh of My Flesh or Bone of My Bone,
But Still Miraculously My Own!
Always Remember...
You Grew Not Under My Heart,
But In It!